DJ VJs creamy mushroom and smoked salmon pasta


Ingredients and utensils

  • Utensils: Sharp Knife, Chopping Board, Colander, Pot, Pan, Spatula and Tongs or a large fork.
  • Pasta for two (Spaghetti/Tagliatelle/Linguine)
  • 1 Small Onion, Diced (I use white, but red works)
  • 1–2 Cloves of Garlic, crushed/mashed with salt using the side of a heavy knife (or just dice it)
  • 10 small mushrooms, sliced (just over half a tub in the UK)
  • 30 ml of any white wine (optional — still good without it)
  • 150–200 ml single cream (or double for extra flavour)
  • 50–100 grams of smoked salmon cut into small pieces
  • Olive Oil (a decent pour into the boiling water, and into the pan)
  • 2-3 teaspoons of salt (into the boiling water for cooking the pasta)
  • Handful of finely diced chives, and a little fresh parsley, (add dill for extra freshness!)
  • Some salad, Parmesan cheese and ciabatta and garlic butter(recipe coming!) to serve with

Let's go!

  • Fill up a pot with water, add 2–3 teaspoons of salt, two tablespoons of olive oil and put it on the element, high heat and lid on
  • Turn on the second element, get the fry pan on (3/4 heat), then add a good splash (3–4 tablespoons) of olive oil
  • Finely dice the onion then drop into the pan before the olive oil starts smoking, add a pinch of salt after a minute or two to help soften
  • Add spaghetti to the boiling water and stir every minute or two, don’t let it overflow! (refer to back of packet for cooking time — al dente!)
  • Skin your garlic cloves, then crush them on the chopping board with a fat pinch of salt to help grind and season them down. Add to the fry pan with the onions when the onions are soft
  • About a minute after adding the garlic, add the wine to the pan and watch it sizzle
  • Drop the mushrooms into the pan when the wine has almost evaporated and toss for a minute
  • Add all the cream to pan and turn down the heat down to 1/4
  • When the pasta is just about al dente or right on the time, remove from the heat and drain it into a colander, keeping half a cup of the pasta water to the side
  • Use a fork or tongs to keep lifting and stirring the pasta in the colander, letting the steam breathe out. Do this until it starts to get a little sticky
  • Add the pasta to the pan with the cream and mix though, turn off the heat
  • Add smoked salmon, all the fresh herbs and cracked pepper to the dish and fold everything through until all nicely mixed together
  • If needed, add some extra pasta water and stir through to make it more saucy (this works well if double cream is used)
  • Throw some spinach or rocket leaves into serving bowls (or make a side salad)
  • Remove pasta from the pan and serve




A kiwi living in London working in technology who loves music

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VJ Prasad

VJ Prasad

A kiwi living in London working in technology who loves music

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